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GlySens Incorporated Announce Close of Series E Financing
SAN DIEGO, CA – November 13, 2018 – GlySens® Incorporated today announced that the company has completed a Series E equity financing led by existing investors, bringing the total amount of equity raised by the company to over $50 million. The series E round gives GlySens the financial assets to execute multiple human clinical trials with its Eclipse® ICGM® System and complete development of its Gen 3 next-generation system, intended to extend the in-vivo sensor lifetime to 2-years. “With this round and existing investments, we have the capital and resources to execute our strategic roadmap and deploy multiple iterations of the technology, demonstrating continuous improvements in performance while simultaneously advancing the next generation Gen 3 platform” said Bill Markle, President & CEO. Earlier in 2018, GlySens closed out clinical trials at two different sites, with US...
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GlySens Incorporated President and CEO William H. Markle to Speak at Upcoming Healthcare Technology Conferences
SAN DIEGO, CA – November 5, 2018 – GlySens® Incorporated today announces it will participate in the 18th Annual Diabetes Technology Meeting as well as the 12th Annual Canaccord Genuity Medical Technologies & Diagnostics Forum. These speaking events will take place November 8th, in Bethesda, MD and November 15th, in New York, NY, respectively. The aim is to bring together esteemed healthcare faculty, regulatory officials along with capital investors and update GlySens’ latest innovations and growth opportunities. During these presentations William H. Markle, President & CEO of GlySens Incorporated, will explore how a novel Long-Term (1-year and next gen 2-year), Implantable Continuous Glucose Sensor can help individuals with diabetes and their care givers sustain the benefits of continuous glucose monitoring systems. The presentations will review current CGM system... 
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GlySens Incorporated Granted New Patent, Expanding Portfolio for Glucose Sensor Technology
SAN DIEGO, CA – September 8, 2018 – GlySens® Incorporated today announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued the company another new patent. GlySens has exclusive rights to the patented technology and adds it to its existing portfolio, bringing the company’s total to nine glucose sensor patents.

U.S. Patent 10,041,897 covers a foundational element of the sensor technology incorporated in the Long-Term, implantable, Eclipse® ICGM® System, which is intended to deliver the next generation of continuous glucose monitoring. The implantable sensor is designed to reside in the subcutaneous tissue, in a lower abdominal quadrant, for up to 1-year with no through the skin or on body components. This design will reduce the burden of... 
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GlySens Incorporated to Discuss Latest Algorithm Advancements at the 11th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes
VIENNA, AUSTRIA – February 16, 2018 – GlySens executives will share the latest signal processing advancements on Friday, February 16th, 2018 at the International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) meeting. These data will be presented in the exhibition hall, during an oral E-poster session at 10:15 am (CET) and likewise the data will be displayed in the viewing area throughout the scientific event. These data demonstrate significant advancements in the Eclipse® ICGM® System capabilities and further validate the scientific foundation of a long-term, implanted continuous glucose sensor.


New Data Suggests Potential Reductions to Current Barriers in Continuous Glucose Monitoring Adoption
RESEARCH ARTICLE - RE Engler et al. “Adoption Barriers for Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Their Potential Reduction with a Fully Implanted System: Results from Patient Preference Surveys,” Clinical Diabetes 2017 Nov; cd170053. https://doi.org/10.2337/cd17-0053
SAN DIEGO, CA – December 12, 2017 – GlySens® Incorporated today announced the publication of new data in Clinical Diabetes from two recent patient preference studies, providing further support for a proposed 1-year, fully implanted CGM device, with no skin-attached components, currently in development. According to the data, adult participants and parents of children with diabetes, most frequently sited four factors when deciding to... 
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Clinical Trial to Evaluate GlySens Eclipse ICGM System
SAN DIEGO, CA – August 7, 2017 – GlySens® Incorporated today announced another series of successful insertions of the ICGM® Sensor in the FAST Trial. This trial is a feasibility study designed to evaluate advanced sensor algorithms in a limited number of clinical participants. Individuals are enrolling at St. Vincent’s Hospital, in Melbourne Australia, with David O’Neal, MD.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 422M adults worldwide are living with diabetes, accounting for 8.5% of the global population. 1The staggering prevalence marks a significant public health problem with substantial economic burden as well as assorted health complications.
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GlySens to Present at the American Diabetes Association 77th Scientific Sessions
SAN DIEGO, CA – June 10, 2017 – GlySens® Incorporated, an early stage medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of the Eclipse® ICGM® System, a fully-implantable and long term, continuous glucose monitoring system, today announced that the company will share interim clinical results at the American Diabetes Association, 77th Scientific Sessions in San Diego, CA.
Joseph Lucisano, PhD., Founder and CTO of GlySens Incorporated, is scheduled to share interim clinical data on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at 11:30am (p.s.t.). Interested parties may also view the poster on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of the meeting in the poster hall, during viewing hours.
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