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GlySens Incorporated Names William Markle Chief Executive Officer

SAN DIEGO, Apr. 2 /PRNewswire/ – GlySens Incorporated announced today that William H. Markle has been selected to join the Company as President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Markle succeeds founder and current CEO Joseph Lucisano, PhD, who will continue to lead the Company’s development efforts as Chief Technology Officer.

Mr. Markle has distinguished himself in a successful 25-year career in the medical device field and was formerly founder, President, and CEO of GluMetrics, Inc. At GluMetrics, he directed the successful development of continuous real-time sensing technology for intravascular glucose monitoring in the intensive care and operating room environment. Previously, he held senior executive positions in marketing and business development at Tensys Medical and Masimo Corporation, and related positions at Baxter Edwards Critical Care and American Hospital Supply. Mr. Markle is an MBA graduate of Pepperdine University and an engineering graduate of Duke University.

“Along with our entire Board of Directors, I am happy to welcome Bill to the GlySens team. Bill is exceptionally well qualified to lead GlySens as we advance toward a commercial phase of operations, and I am very pleased that he will be joining us at this important juncture. I look forward to working together with Bill to complete the final system refinements, expand our ongoing clinical evaluations, and prepare the GlySens ICGMTM system for commercial launch,” said Dr. Lucisano. “It would be hard for me to be much more excited about the core GlySens technology, the proven capabilities of the development team, and the impressive, uncompromised feature set embodied in the GlySens ICGMTM device,” commented Mr. Markle. “The ability of the fully implanted sensor to reliably function for an extended period, shown to be up to 18 months in pre-clinical testing, with minimal required recalibrations, all while allowing the user to maintain an essentially normal body image, is a significant step forward in the CGM space. I am very confident we can deliver this remarkable technology platform in a user-preferred system architecture supporting a rapid expansion of the already proven benefits of continuous glucose monitoring,” continued Mr. Markle.

About GlySens Incorporated
GlySens Incorporated is a privately held corporation devoted to developing the world’s first unobtrusive, truly long term continuous glucose monitoring system, intended to dramatically improve and simplify the lives of people with diabetes. The GlySens fully implanted sensor—demonstrated up to 18-month lifetime in preclinical testing—wirelessly links to a convenient external receiver, designed to provide continuous, at-a-glance glucose measurement, recording, and alerts regarding hypo- and hyperglycemic glucose excursions. In contrast with other approaches that may require calibration multiple-times-per-day and also demand continuous wearing of through-the-skin or skin-attached components, system calibration checks of the fully-implanted, unobtrusive, wirelessly-linked GlySens sensor are designed to be required only infrequently, freeing users from burdensome care and maintenance requirements. For people living with diabetes, the GlySens implantable continuous glucose monitoring system (the GlySens ICGM™ system) is intended to provide a means for easy, unobtrusive, worry-free glucose monitoring, and empower users by providing the information they need, while freeing them to live life on their own terms. Additional information is available at www.glysens.com

ICGM is a trademark of GlySens Incorporated.
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