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GlySens’ Implantable Sensor Capable of Long-term Monitoring of Tissue Glucose in Animals

RESEARCH ARTICLE | DA Gough et al. "Function of an Implanted Tissue Glucose Sensor for More than 1 Year in Animals," Science Translational Medicine, July 2010: Vol. 2, Issue 42, p. 42ra53. DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3001148
 SAN DIEGO, CA - July 28, 2010 – An implantable sensor capable of long-term monitoring of tissue glucose concentrations by wireless telemetry has been developed for eventual application in people with diabetes. The sensor telemetry system functioned continuously while implanted in subcutaneous tissues of two pigs for a total of 222 and 520 days, respectively, with each animal in both nondiabetic and diabetic states. The sensor... 
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GlySens Incorporated First-Generation Sensor Progress reported in Popular Science

SAN DIEGO, CA - July 28, 2010 – Results achieved with the GLYSENS INCORPORATED first-generation implantable glucose monitoring system are reported by author Lauren Gravitz in an article entitled “Wireless, Implantable Glucose Sensor Could Revolutionize Diabetes Treatment,” in this week’s online edition of Popular Science.
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GlySens Incorporated is recognized as a New California 100 Business Innovator by Golden Capital Network & Hamilton Lane

SAN DIEGO, CA - September 1, 2009 – GLYSENS INCORPORATED has been recognized as a New California 100 Innovative Business by Golden Capital Network and Hamilton Lane. New California 100 businesses are some of the most innovative companies in the state representing California’s commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship, and workforce competitiveness. Endorsed by the California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, New California 100 companies are recognized for their important contributions to the state economy.

Approximately 100 companies throughout the State of California received this recognition from over 400 nominations. New California 100 Businesses will be recognized during a luncheon awards ceremony at 11:45am-1:15 pm on September 22, 2009 at the New California 100 Conference in Sacramento’s Sheraton Grand Hotel.

New California 100 Businesses are market leading technology companies who have been selected based on the uniqueness of their innovation, competitive advantages, and job and economic impact on California’s economy now and into the future. “These innovators are powerful job-creating machines,” said Jon Gregory, CEO/President of Golden Capital Network. “We believe innovation and entrepreneurship are the drivers of economic growth in California and these Innovation All-Stars are models for our state.”

GlySens Presentation Voted Best Submission at the Eighth Annual Diabetes Technology Meeting

BETHESDA, MD - November 14, 2008 – – GLYSENS INCORPORATED’S presentation entitled “Long-term Results of a Subcutaneous Glucose Sensor in Animals” was selected as the Best Submission at the eighth annual meeting of the Diabetes Technology Society. The annual meeting, held this year November 13-15 at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, is a premier scientific venue for discussion of new technology developments related to the care of diabetes. More than 600 scientists and clinicians from 24 countries are in attendance. GlySens’s presentation was selected by the Society’s review committee as the best submission from all submitted abstracts and presentations, announced Dr. David Klonoff, the Society’s President and Chair of the meeting’s Planning Committee, at today’s morning session. A total of 182 abstracts are...
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